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Focusing on the management of complex business and challenges, the Business Operations... Team in TIYA provides the best data-driven to improve the In-App operations process. It also refers to activities that businesses engage in on a daily basis to increase the value of the company and earn a profit.


A corporate Strategy Development Department surveys those responsible for company operations to... gather information on challenges and objectives. It consolidates individual strategic aims into an overall approach and invites feedback from the departments concerned. Meanwhile, the employee in this department need to coordinate the different initiatives that the strategy requires.

Big Data

Deriving meaningful insights from the data, and converting knowledge into action are the main responsibilities of Big Data Department. In TIYA, the Big Data team needs to develop analytic solutions on big volumes of data to uncover insights and improve performance. In other words, data (and the intelligence that comes from that data) must become the central focus of the business.


In one project, Design Team is typically brought on at the beginning of the project and continue to work on throughout its life-cycle. TIYA’s design team is primarily responsible for taking creative ideas and bringing them to life using their professional skills.


The support departments such as Human Resources and Finance department develop and maintain many internal systems necessary for perfect communication and work. These teams continually create plans to improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the TIYA business.