Promote vitality for mutual achievements

Our Philosophy on Employees

Employees are our most valuable assets

Stay open-minded and supportive of innovative breakthroughs

We actively preserve in an innovative friendly environment and support individuals and organizations that innovative breakthroughs and transformations.

Parallel development path for professional and managerial skills

Our targeted path design allows employees to develop more focused and defined skills

Successful development of staff

We advocate successful development of our staff as our core corporate culture.


An all-dimensional and multi-level talent development system

Discover and develop talents of great potential

We value the self-developing demands of our staff and encourage them to bring their potential into the forefront with the proper tools and training.

Multiple project planning to speed up employees' growth

We have an all-round and sustainable talent development plan through which our staff can recharge themselves at work.

Inspire more possibilities

Through training and practicing, our employees can put what they learn into work, while finding infinite possibilities.


Senior HR

Bryan Aw

Being a new startup, there are infinite possibilities, not only in terms of organisational growth but also for your personal career development.

Big Data

Evan Lin

If you have a passion to apply cutting-edge AI and Big Data technologies to change people's lives, come join us.


Cici Cheng

TIYA is a company that truly values their employees because they provide the right tools and training that will lead to individual and team success.

Build a better future with TIYA